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Susan, VIP

We look forward to our run again come September.

School Season

School Season is knocking on the back door. Let us help you start the season fresh. Relax, our door is open and we're here to help you get all those projects done before the bell rings!

Annual Report Season

Annual report season will be upon us in no time, no problem, we are ready to print!

Suss Micro Tec. has decided to leave Vermont

Penny, I am saddened to hear Suss Micro Tec. has decided to leave VT. It is always a pleasure working with you. We have been printing your manuals for over 20 years. Clean room 30# Kimberly Clark is one of our stocking items. We appreciate your continued loyalty through out the years and wish all of you at Suss Micro Tec. The Best!

Full Circle Gardens

Sarah, you have come "Full Circle". It was great to work with you and Laurie on your brochure. May you flourish as your garden grows!

LOL ... Wendy, Carrie Ann, Denise, Mumsy, Myk, Mike, we’ve seen it all!

Sometimes TMI comes with the order. We laugh, sometimes want to cry, kiss ourselves ... there are never mistakes, because everything is fixable! What does mom say ... ? “When there is a will, there is a way!” ... and we find it! Oh the stories ...

Marion “Pooh” Guild, where do I start?

I have learned so much from you. I feel so honored to have assisted you in your summer art show. Who would guess you to be 93 yrs! You are an amazing woman. Your illustrations show your character right back to the days of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. As I thumb through all those original pop up story books and see Illustrated by Marion Guild, I am so blessed that you popped up in my shop, Village Copy & Print. It makes my day when I get a visit from you and your side kick, Kathleen….oh such laughter! You did an excellent job on all your displays!

Marion Pooh Guild

Keep me included in that ‘ol bucket of yours! I love you! Check out on Marion!

Cindy, you are so creative!

Thank you so much for all your continued work at CCSU.

On a personal note, I was so thrilled to print your wedding invitations! What an idea! Go Mets!

Patty, Sue, Terri, thank you for keeping us part of the Village!

We appreciate all your continued work. We look forward to up coming projects!

Mary Jane

Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy the sailing with Michael.

Mr. Bill Busier, It gives me great pleasure to know you.

Our relationship started with my dad and the sinking of the USS Coolidge. Through the years my father’s comrades have been coming through my door and how I have treasured the visits. It is my duty to donate copies to the veterans and I do it with great pride. I love your visits to the shop and I can sit there forever listening and chatting of days gone by. Cruising along Lake Champlain with all the veterans will be a day not forgotten. I was honored to be at your table with you at the anniversary celebration for the POW’s. I am amazed at 93 years how well you get around. You are one of my favorite boyfriends!

You and Marge will always have a place in my heart.

Ladies at UVM, CME love your work

Deadlines are no problem, we invite the challenge! Thank you for your trust and loyalty again, and again.

Marcia Rosberg - Paintings, Prints, Cards

Keep painting your beautiful artwork and we’ll keep printing your Invites to the next show! Hope it was a sell out!

Marcia Rosberg

Kathy Finnie, your projects are endless and I love them!

Thank you for VVMA/VTCL and Loving Lily! Best directory yet for the VMA, and Bud made the cover.

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